Digital Advertising Course

This course can teach you how to bring paid traffic and sales:

      • Even if… you’ve wasted money on Facebook Ads
      • Even if… you don’t know the difference between lead ads and brand awareness ads
      • Even if… you’re suffering from information overload and don’t know where to start
      • Even if… you’re completely new to the concept of paid online traffic

MODULE 1 : An Intro to Digital advertising

Understand the different search types, search engines, search campaigns, and search ads. Get a clear view of setting up campaign objectives and advertising KPIs.

MODULE 2 : Advertising on Google

Get a step-by-step playbook for Google Ads for Search and Display. Set up profitable ad campaigns by understanding how Google works and what kind of ads Google prefers to place.

Module 3 : Microsoft Ads expertise

Not a lot of digital marketing professionals know how to advertise on Bing using Microsoft Ads. Leverage the second most popular Search Engine to generate more revenue for any business.


Privacy, security, and other concerns with advertising can act as pitfalls – if you don’t know how to sidestep them. Learn how to handle the most crippling problems in a practical way.


Leverage the power of Facebook Ads to generate sales from social media. Learn to create engaging content that brings in likes, shares, leads, and a lot more.


Understand how to set up ads on LinkedIn and craft conversion-focused ads for B2B segments. Learn how to set up a LinkedIn company page and then turn in into a lead-generation machine.

Module 7 : Twitter ads masterclass

Take advantage of Twitter’s Ads that can bring massive visibility for any brand. In some case, Twitter gives you cost-effective options for quick sales. In other cases, you pay a premium for explosive branding.

Module 8 : pinterest Ads masterclass

Learn to use Pinterest’s Content Discovery philosophy to bring in huge volumes of website traffic. Understand quick ways to create simple content that can increase your ad performance on Pinterest.

If you need Social Media Courses in Kolkata that can get you employed today, then you have come to the right place. Of course, our training includes much more than just social media.

Our Digital Advertising Course will help you understand Advertising in simple terms.

This course helps marketing professionals master Digital Ads over 4 weekends even if you know nothing about Search.

Get practical, hands-on search marketing and social media training in Kolkata from:

  • Agency Experts with 15+ years of marketing experience
  • Serial Entrepreneurs who understand growth
  • Marketing Coaches with 12+ years in Consulting

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Graduation.

Minimum Work Experience: 3+ years of work experience in the field of Sales and Marketing.

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Amitava Bhattacharya

Course Instructor
Co-Founder, Succ33d Academy
Co-Founder, UrsDigitally

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Succ33d Academy enables students from all paths to boost their careers with courses that make you more employable by teaching you practical Digital Marketing. Our courses in Digital Marketing were created by the Agency Experts of UrsDigitally (Winners of ASSOCHAM India’s Most Promising Digital Agency Award).

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