Integrated Digital Marketing Course

Are you struggling with your career plan? You need a career that:

  • Pays Well;
  • Offers a Concrete Career Path;
  • Helps you Get Rid of Parental/Peer Pressure;

That’s exactly why we developed this classroom-based Digital Marketing course in Kolkata. It’s a practical-driven 100-hour digital marketing course for freshers that is designed to make you employable rather than just knowledgeable.


    Learn the basics of WordPress and create website using WordPress that is good enough for most businesses without using any coding at all. Unleash the full power of WordPress using plugins and more.


    Find a profitable niche for a business and conduct preliminary competitor research and keyword research to understand the landscape. Then use the keywords to identify a content model.

    Module 3 : Content Creation and Marketing

    Create content that sells by planning out a content model and executing it. Uncover the best performing types of content in your industry and make the most of it.

    Module 4 : Search Engine Optimization

    Unleash the full power of Search and make it work for your businesses in a practical way. Understand how you can position a brand on Search Results to get organic growth time after time.

    Module 5 : Social Media Marketing

    Leverage the power of social media to give your business a serious boost. Create a loyal fan base of buyers who adore your brands. Garner public opinion and understand the social part of social selling.

    Module 6 : Digital Advertising

    Learn how to create ads on Search Engines and Social Media sites. Know how to align business goals with digital KPIs to advertise more effectively with or without a big budget.

    Module 7 : Direct Response Marketing

    Learn how to do cost-effective marketing using direct responses such as emailers and messenger bots. Understand how to map a funnel with respect to direct responses.

    Module 8 : Growth Hacking

    Learn how to grow a business using time-tested growth principles from serial entrepreneurs. Cultivate a growth mindset and leverage digital marketing for growth.

    Module 9 : Measurement and ROI

    Track your progress, identify and measure Key Performing Indices for any brand, and understand the Return on Investing in digital marketing. Leverage Google Analytics to the fullest extent.

    Module 10 : Strategy and Planning

    Create a customized digital marketing strategy from scratch – starting from the client kickoff meeting to the final strategy document. Gain a holistic view of a marketing strategy by doing it yourself.


    Understand how different digital marketing agencies operate in terms of execution and client handling. Turn yourself into a good hire rather than a report card of good grades.

    Learn in exactly 4 months how to:

    • Develop brand strategies
    • Develop a WordPress Website from scratch
    • Create KPI-driven marketing plans
    • Advertise and market any brand online
    • Set up ads on Social Media platforms
    • Set up ads on Google and YouTube
    • Generate organic traffic and sales using SEO
    • Leverage YouTube to promote your Videos
    • Sell products on online marketplaces such as Amazon
    • Measure marketing progress
    • Create marketing reports that clients will love

    Minimum Educational Qualifications: Graduation.

    Minimum Work Experience: None Required

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    Amitava Bhattacharya

    Course Instructor
    Co-Founder, Succ33d Academy
    Co-Founder, UrsDigitally

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    Succ33d Academy enables students from all paths to boost their careers with courses that make you more employable by teaching you practical Digital Marketing. Our courses in Digital Marketing were created by the Agency Experts of UrsDigitally (Winners of ASSOCHAM India’s Most Promising Digital Agency Award).

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