SEO Specialization Course

Looking for a high-flying career in digital marketing? Or maybe you are looking to drive online traffic and sales to your business.

Our SEO Training Institute in Kolkata can teach you how to bring organic traffic and sales and:

  • How to Conduct an SEO Audit for any Digital Asset
  • How to Research Competitors and Keywords
  • How to Do On-Page SEO for any Website
  • How to Build High-Authority Backlinks
  • How to Do Technical SEO so that Google Loves You
  • How to Create Reports that Clients will Love

MODULE 1 : Seo fundamentals

Get a brief intro into SEO and how Search Engines work. Understand the different types of searches and how people search.


Conduct Competitor and SERP Analysis, Keyword Research and Website Audits to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for any brand.

Module 3 : On-PAge SEO

Understand how you can optimize your website and your content to get better visibility and traffic from Search Engines using free tools. Make sure that you website is perfect for indexing.

Module 4 : Technical SEO

Learn all about Site Architecture, User Experience, Schema, Site Speed Optimization, and Link Structure. Master the technical end with zero technical skills using free tools and our workflows. 

Module 5 : Off-Page SEO

Master the art and science of building links to your website for superior rankings. Get practical insights into typical problems and troubleshooting.


Leverage the full power of voice searches to build a better positioning for your brand. Optimize your website for local traffic and more business inquiries.

Module 7 : VIDEO SEO

Learn everything you need to know about Video Marketing on YouTube using organic methods only. Build a presence on YouTube by using Channel Optimization, Video Optimization, and Off-Page Optimization.


Understand the most common SEO mistakes by beginners and Blackhat SEO Techniques that no longer work. To get a better grasp of what to do, know what not to do on SEO.

Module 9 : Measurement and ROI

Track your rankings, identify and measure Key Performing Indices for any brand, and understand the Return on Investing in digital marketing. Leverage Google Analytics and craft story-driven reports.

Our SEO Classroom Training Course in Kolkata is designed by agency professionals to help fresher graduates/self-employed individuals/entrepreneurs master SEO in a short time even if you know nothing about Search.

There are absolutely no technical skills required to take this course.

Get practical, hands-on training from:

  • Agency Experts with 36+ years of marketing experience
  • Serial Entrepreneurs who understand growth
  • Marketing Coaches with 12+ years in Consulting



  • Fresher Graduates looking to get into a lucrative career in digital marketing
  • Professionals looking to change their career path to digital marketing
  • Entrepreneurs (Event Planners, Bloggers, Vloggers, Photographers, etc.) looking to scale their business by generating traction online

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Graduation.

Minimum Work Experience: None required.

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Amitava Bhattacharya

Course Instructor
Co-Founder, Succ33d Academy
Co-Founder, UrsDigitally

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Succ33d Academy enables students from all paths to boost their careers with courses that make you more employable by teaching you practical Digital Marketing. Our courses in Digital Marketing were created by the Agency Experts of UrsDigitally (Winners of ASSOCHAM India’s Most Promising Digital Agency Award).

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