Strategy & Planning Course

Learn how to craft digital marketing strategies and plan online campaigns over 4 weekends. Digital Marketing Consulting services are in huge demand right now. 

Create a digital marketing strategy that enables you to create powerful marketing plans for any brand in 4 hours or less. This knowledge can get you hired in any of the top Digital Strategy Consulting firms.

MODULE 1 : Research and planning

Understand the business for which you are creating a strategy, the competitive landscape and the audience it caters to. Uncover the brand and buyer personas that can push the business forward.


Uncover lucrative keywords that align with the consumers’ online behavior and intent. Then research topics and create content for specific business goals. Finally, create a content calendar to estimate a timeline.


Identify the right Channel Mix for distribution and outreach using both paid and organic media. Craft an online PR plan to establish brand positioning. Leverage Search and Social properly.

Module 4 : Tech-Enabled Marketing Strategies

Cover marketing case studies with a technological intervention. Understand how modern technologies such as AR and VR are shaping the future of marketing today. Converge physical and digital marketing.


Understand how to measure success and monitor campaigns for optimal results and calculate ROI. Learn how to distill insights from Analytics reports and how to maintain your online reputation.


Create a Strategy document from scratch for a real brand. Pick one of 3 projects, brainstorm ideas in class, discuss progress, and get real tips on how to improve your game from the instructors.

This course can teach you how to develop strategies for online branding and sales from scratch including:

  • How to Conduct a Full-Scale Brand Audit for Any Business
  • How to Align Business Objectives with Digital Marketing KPIs
  • How to Craft Buyer Personas and Brand Personas for Branding Activities
  • How to Create Content Marketing Strategies that Work 
  • How to Set Up Media Plans for Effective Advertising
  • How to Make a Digital PR Plan for Publicity
  • How to Create a Strategy Document that the Execution Team Can Follow Along With

Get practical, hands-on training from:

  • Agency Experts with 15+ years of marketing experience
  • Serial Entrepreneurs who understand growth
  • Marketing Coaches with 12+ years in Consulting

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Graduation.

Minimum Work Experience: 3+ years of work experience in the field of Sales and Marketing.

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Amitava Bhattacharya

Course Instructor
Co-Founder, Succ33d Academy
Co-Founder, UrsDigitally

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Succ33d Academy enables students from all paths to boost their careers with courses that make you more employable by teaching you practical Digital Marketing. Our courses in Digital Marketing were created by the Agency Experts of UrsDigitally (Winners of ASSOCHAM India’s Most Promising Digital Agency Award).

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