Digital marketing is something that all entrepreneurs should learn. Not just be aware of, but be able to execute as well.

In the very beginning, it’s going to be all up to you. And maybe a few others. In such a scenario, you will want to know all about the most cost-effective way to market a brand.

Today, we have for you a real-life case study…

… In the form of an interview with Rahul Dasgupta of Flop2Hit Media.

For those of you who don’t know, Flop2Hit is a vernacular knowledge platform for MSMEs and startups.

In simple terms, this is the story of how Flop2Hit started publishing content in English, and Bengali on business and startup news.

Before we go any further, it’s probably a good idea to tell you exactly what you’re going to get out of this:

That’s right!

This interview is about the journey of a blog from 0 to over 55k in users. The above screenshot is a snapshot of the traffic for just three months, by the way.

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Still here? Good!

This is Nirvana Guha – Course Creator, Content Developer, and Content Strategist at Succ33d Academy and today, I’m conducting this interview.

Let’s dive right into the details:

Succ33d: Hi, Rahul. Can you please give us a brief intro about yourself to our readers?

Rahul: I run Flop2Hit Media, a new-age vernacular digital media platform for Indian entrepreneurs. Most of my career has been in the US healthcare space where I worked with several leading US hospitals, clinics, and individual practitioners taking care of their technology and revenue cycle management needs. 

Prior to Flop2Hit, I worked as a content marketing strategist/consultant with several tech companies in the US, Israel, and India to help them grow their revenue and visibility with content and social media.


 Do you think every entrepreneur today must have some knowledge and hands-on with digital marketing?

Rahul: Of course. At least they should have some basic knowledge and workarounds to not only set their directions right but also to make sure no one can fool them.


 Tell us about, what it stands for, and its journey so far.

Rahul: Flop2Hit Media is a new-age vernacular online media platform for grassroots entrepreneurs in India. We provide industry-specific actionable advice, tools, and resources through our website and workshops to help start and grow business. Currently, our platform is available in English and Bengali aka Flop2Hit Bangla and plan to launch in other languages soon. In fact, Flop2Hit Bangla is India’s only Bengali digital media platform for entrepreneurs.

The original idea of Flop2Hit was to publish failure stories of entrepreneurs to help readers learn from others’ mistakes. Eventually, we pivoted into a full-fledged media platform for entrepreneurs with a stringent focus on regional language to empower the entrepreneurs across Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, districts, and towns.


 Do you use any digital agency for your brand? How involved are you in digital marketing?

Rahul: No. 100% (involved).


 When you started what were the most important aspects of digital that you focused on?

Rahul: Website and Facebook marketing.

Nirvana: Can you please share a few practical digital marketing tips that made a good impact on your business?

Rahul: OK, let’s go over some important things:


  • Razor-sharp focus on audience segmentation and communicating the right message.

  • Copywriting in the local language.
  • Zero fancy creatives. We use a simple event image with a C2A on our image ads for Facebook ads and that has always resulted in massive responses.
  • Crisp/precise copywriting for our Facebook Ads. We provide all the information a potential reader/event attendee would need to know in the write-up without any fuss.

  • LinkedIn Marketing (website clicks and inbox). Although it is not recommended for low-end products or services because of minimum ad budget criteria/day but it has worked great for me. The audience segmentation is almost similar to Facebook but a better and relevant audience.
  • For local language video promotion, Helo and ShareChat worked great for me. The majority of our organic video views come from ShareChat.
  • Keyword-focused yet rich content. A couple of our contents come on the 1st link/page of Google with just two efforts. We identified low-competitive Indian audience-focused content ideas and produced informative articles with semantic keywords which resulted in the top of SERPs. We didn’t do any backlinking activity at all.
  • Sending email newsletters to our subscribers in the local language. We have an opening rate of 21% as compared to an 8% competitor average.

  • Giving readers the option to subscribe through WhatsApp and also providing another option to choose their preferred segments in an email capture form.

  • Targeted non-spammy Quora responses which generated a lot of organic traffic for us.
    Succ33d: Which are your favourite digital marketing tools?


    • Mythemeshop
    • Rankmath SEO plugin
    • Hello Bar
    • Sumo Share
    • AdEspresso
    • Canva
    • Sendy
    • MailChimp

     You have a great quality of content on the website. How do you strategize your content production and distribution?


    Rahul: Strategy: India-focused industry-specific keywords, user responses, and impact analysis.



    Succ33d: Does one need a lot of AD budget to generate traffic? How do you optimize/get the best out of ADS? 

    Rahul: Not really. If the messaging and audience segmentation is right, traffic shouldn’t be a problem. Please refer to the answers of a,b,c,d and e of the 6th question.


    Succ33d: Do you think SEO is kind of dead now? How can a webpreneur build his/her traffic organically?

    Rahul: I don’t think SEO will ever be dead. Right primary keyword, including a lot of semantics without stuffing, quality of content for readers and not a search engine, and a lot of A/B testing should help a webpreneur build traffic easily.


     You have built a large and loyal subscriber base for your content. What’s your strategy?

    Rahul: Providing valuable content and communicating with them on a personal level to understand their problems and needs which even helped us generate a lot of subscribers through referral.


     What’s next in your plans?

    Rahul: Strengthening our event vertical to create more impact, and launching our mentoring services in the next phase. There are more exciting projects in the pipeline in other phases too.


     Well, Rahul, we wish you all the very best with all your future endeavors. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this with us. We’ll keep tabs on all your stuff as and when you roll it out.

    That was Rahul Dasgupta from Flop2Hit Media, everyone. If you’re looking for helpful content on business, entrepreneurship, and more – check out the Flop2Hit Official website and show them some love and appreciation on Twitter because they really deserve it.

    Also, follow their Facebook Page – Flop2Hit Bangla for even more amazing content and get all the latest updates directly on Facebook.

    I think it’s fair to say that no channel of marketing is really ‘dead’ – there are just inept marketers.

    That’s a wrap from our side.

    Until next time.

    Peace out!