Campaign Objectives

  • Establish a clear brand voice.
  • Grab a huge share of the digital market space in retail.

The Backstory

No Name Brands by Loblaws Companies is one of the largest food retail brands in Canada. For over 20 years, they have made a lasting impression on consumers using their bright yellow packaging and their deadpan product descriptions.

It was finally time to get their brand on digital and they took the first step with Twitter. The brand voice was meant to be just as snarky, straight-up, deadpan, and funny as their retail packaging. It is hard to say if No Name Brands got their likes later on as they generated more traction, but even their very first tweets got a significantly high response.

How often do you see brand profiles that follow NO ONE getting 47.6k followers with just 713 Tweets?

No Name Brands has stood for a no-B.S. selling approach for the common, everyday person and call it like they see it. If this wasn’t adorable enough, they went absolutely viral – by live-tweeting the Emmys!

With over 50 tweets providing live commentary of the Emmy Awards, No Name Brands generated thousands of likes on purely text-based tweets. No images, no fancy videos – not even a GIF. Just straight up texts.

After this, their engagement has been off the chains for their cheeky, deadpan product tweets:

This is a ‘zero fucks given’ approach to marketing on the surface. But in reality, they managed to skyrocket their audience engagement on Twitter and consistently maintain their brand image and voice across digital and physical channels.

Reasons for Explosive Growth in Engagement

Simple. This is why:

  • Simple, nothing artificial.
  • Used humor to make their products appealing even with deadpan descriptions.
  • Positioned themselves as truth-tellers and as one-with-the-audience.
  • Drove their offline consumers online.
  • Increased excitement by leveraging a global event.

Reasons for Virality

  • Simple, not overly engineered.
  • Played on people’s vanity.
  • Easy to participate.
  • Moved awareness to text to donate to a cause.
  • Drove even more traction from offline public relations.
  • Increased excitement through nomination/tagging.

Social Media Influence

Seriously speaking, they managed to do a lot of great things:

  • Consistent branding across digital and physical channels
  • Retained a voice that consumers were already familiar with
  • Took something really popular (Emmy Awards) in its audience and leveraged it to seem instantly more human
  • Got featured on the Twitter Business Blog as a shining success story
  • They engage back with their online fans

Campaign Costs

  • No direct costs.


  • Went from 0 to 47.6k followers on Twitter with less than 1k Tweets
  • Achieved a minimum organic audience engagement of 700 on each tweet


  • Embraces an expression of the ‘Be You’ Culture.
  • First of its kind Twitter strategy.
  • Unique Approach to Product Placements and Entertainment.
  • Encourages the Audience to Participate without Incentivising.

Wrapping Up

No Name Brands is the pinnacle of Marketing done right. If you’ve ever come across their brand before, then comment below with, “Heck, yeah!” If you haven’t come across them before, comment with a “Wowza!” 

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