There is one major frustration that remains most common while interviewing various digital marketing professionals for our Digital agency.

It’s NOT the lack of any certain skills that causes my frustration. Or knowledge (the lack of it) of some tools.

In fact, many of them are really proficient with marketing tools.

Let me just hold on to my ‘frustration for the moment, and allow me to digress just a bit.


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I will tell you about this simple weapon that has the potential to take your digital marketing career to the next level.

Well, you know, It’s not at all hard to pick up digital marketing skills.

And Learning some marketing tools is fairly easy too.

Running ADs on social media, managing social posts, doing On-page / Off-page SEO activities, or writing some articles, etc are NOT that hard either. Trust me!

Google these terms; pick up some cheap online courses, FREE Youtube tutorials, blogs; practice for a while, and you can be fairly good at these.

But, these skills alone don’t make you a class digital marketer.

Creativity does.

And my frustration is that — the lack of ‘creative thinking‘ in most of the digital marketing professionals whom I interview every week.


The ability to see the big picture holistically and attacking the problems creatively needs a lot of hard work. A ‘marketer’ has to be truly creative to be a true growth hacker.


And unfortunately, you can’t learn creativity. It has to be mastered through a lot of practice only.

You must be able to figure out how to grow a brand organically, and with a shoe-string budget.

That’s the creative challenge.

Running some tools and managing paid campaigns are more like a mechanical job.

They are Important of course. But that’s a small part of the job.


How Can you create a lasting impression in a job interview?

I always look forward to those interviews where I can set off creative conversations.

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I had once asked a guy in an interview to deliver a speech that can make someone interested in learning SEO in just 10 minutes. He was then working at a BPO and had no prior job experience as a content writer. However, he was very passionate about SEO, and was doing a few freelance SEO writing on the side.

He made an excellent presentation and made it very quirky. This revealed his strong sense of humor and passion for writing content.

I hired him solely because of that presentation. Today, he is one of our best creative writers in the agency.

It’s so important to showcase your creative side in any job interview with a digital marketing agency.

It can be on anything.

Writing stuff like slogans/poetry/scripts, doing comedy, presenting ideas… anything that reflects your creative side.

Once I spot ‘some’, I know I have found the right one.


Amitava Bhattacharya is the Co-founder of Succ33d Academy and UrsDigitally (ASSOCHAM Award-Winning Digital Agency). He also co-founded GoMoLo – a widely popular destination for Indian Movie Lovers (now closed). He is a veteran Marketer with 18+years of experience. He is now dedicated to training young minds in becoming savvy digital marketers.