“The course is comprehensive and pocket-friendly.The best part is guaranteed placement. I am very satisfied and happy. The best part is that this course is not limited to theory, there are many examples and real-life case studies which helped me to understand all the concepts. I have been in digital marketing for quite some time now and I never knew things like Porter’s Five Forces, buyer segmentation has such a big role in Digital Strategy. However, the course was very intense and quick. Wish there were more classes.”


Rahul Mukherjee
Student, Strategy and Planning Course

Today’s post is all about a story – the story of Rahul Mukherjee. Rahul was fresh out of college with a B.Com degree. The only problem was – so were thousands others in Kolkata.

Now, the only job offers he got had a salary of about 10k a month. That’s just sad. What’s sadder is the fact that Rahul was actually a star student.

It was around this time that he became one of the employees at a digital marketing agency as a content writer.

The pay wasn’t much better than his current offers.

But Rahul accepted that offer anyway.

The agency that hired him quickly realized that Rahul was a talented writer and his skill was being wasted on writing blogs for small-time clients who didn’t really care about his content either way. So, they shifted him to copywriting right away.

Within 3 months, he was writing copy for some of their biggest clients. Quirky and intriguing, his skill in copywriting was so great that he quickly became a Senior Copywriter. 

But that was not where his story ended. In fact, that’s where his story started.

To date, Rahul lives his life by a simple, but powerful philosophy – “Stronger today than I was yesterday.”

When he signed up for our Strategy and Planning Course, he was already participating in multiple in-house projects and collaborating with different departments. Shortly after become a copywriter, the first thing he learnt from networking with his was SEO. From there, he quickly grasped how ads work online.

These all pitched in to his copywriting prowess. By the end of the year, he was promoted to a Client Servicing Manager.

He  was managing an entire marketing team including graphic designers, videographers, copywriters, SEOs, and digital advertisers. Rahul also handles all client communications across 14 high-profile projects.

It was at this juncture that he decided to get a clearer picture of how marketing strategy works in a digital landscape. Over the course of 4 weekends, he learned how to develop a digital marketing strategy from scratch for any brand.

Listen to him talk about his learning experience on our Digital Marketing Strategy Course right here:


Wrapping Up


It’s your turn now. Join one of our courses and kickstart or upgrade your career in Digital Marketing today.

Who knows?

You might even end up meeting Rahul Mukherjee some day!

Peace out.