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Assured Internships at a Leading Agency

Get an assured internship at UrsDigitally – East India’s leading Digital Marketing Agency. On completion of your term as an intern, you will also be awarded an experience certificate.

Industry-Recognized Certificates

Get industry-recognized accreditations and certificates by Google, Facebook, SEMrush, and Twitter and a Live Project Certification by UrsDigitally.

Hands-On Practical Learning

Online learning is for advanced learning. When you’re starting, hands-on classroom teaching and supplementary study materials is the best way to learn a new skill especially for a practical field like marketing.

Top-Notch Instructors

Get trained by seasoned veterans in Digital Marketing. Our dedicated mentors will groom you to grab plum jobs in agencies and industries, or help how to increase traction to any business.

100% Placement Guarantee

All our student courses come with assured placement assistance and dedicated one-on-one grooming sessions to make the students industry-ready and primed for employment.

Learn from Real Case Studies

Learn from Case Studies of real brands prepared by East India’s leading Digital Transformation Agency and winners of ASSOCHAM 2018 award.

Access to Tools and Workflows

Get instant access to agency-grade marketing tools, WordPress themes, and marketing workflows. Learn how to execute digital marketing campaigns like an agency professional.

Classroom & Online Curriculum

Learn faster with instructor-led classroom courses and supplementary e-learning modules. Sign Up for a course to gain instant access to course modules.


In the last few years, Tier 2 cities in India saw a huge spike in digital activities. As such, digital marketing is already accelerating beyond belief in suburban India. The reality is that Digital Marketing has a very low barrier to entry and does not really require any technical skill for entry-level jobs. Anyone can get into it as long as they have a knack for marketing or advertising.

Ideally, we’d love it if everyone had a job right now. Not just any job, but jobs where they get paid what they deserve. And, we’d like to contribute to bridge the talent-employment gap. Our motto is: Learn. Do. Earn. With that in mind, we are aiming to reduce the employment gap by 20% within 2022.


Amitava Bhattacharya

  • Serial entrepreneur – co-founded GoMoLo, which was partly acquired by Zee
  • Co-founded Magne Consulting – a digital agency which was acquired by MaxMobility and rebranded as UrsDigitally
  • Prior to taking the plunge in entrepreneurship, Amitava worked as an e-learning professional with stints at Wipro, Aptara, etc.
  • Holds a bachelor’s degree in Comp Science from Bangalore University
  • Alumni of RKM Narendrapur 

Mitul Das

  • Serial entrepreneur.
  • Co-founded Magne Consulting – a digital agency which was acquired by MaxMobility and rebranded as UrsDigitally
  • Visiting faculty at BIBS Institute Kolkata
  • Prior to taking plunge in entrepreneurship, Mitul worked as a Principal Consultant at PwC.
  • Holds an MCA degree from JU and an Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta
  • Mitul spent many years in the UK before coming back to India to start something on his own


Celebrities vs Influencers

Celebrities vs Influencers

Did you know that Celebrities are not the only influencers? In fact, in digital marketing, most celebrities are usually lousy at influencing. Here are 9 other types of influencers that you might not know about:1. Bloggers and Vloggers – like Shraddha Sharma. If you don’t know who that is, head...

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The Office Life of a Digital Marketer

The Office Life of a Digital Marketer

The life of a digital marketer is a weird one. Unless you do a course on digital marketing, you won’t get a good job. The problem is, most courses out there are HORRIBLE (Seriously, they’re Jaani Dushman bad).The life of a digital marketer is a weird one. Unless you do a course on digital...

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The course is comprehensive and pocket-friendly.The best part is guaranteed placement. I am very satisfied and happy. The best part is that this course is not limited to theory, there are many examples and real-life case studies which helped me to understand all the concepts. I have been in digital marketing for quite some time now and I never knew things like Porter’s Five Forces, buyer segmentation has such a big role in Digital Strategy. However, the course was very intense and quick. Wish there were more classes.

Rahul Mukherjee

Student, Strategy and Planning Course

When a professional is worried about how to upgrade with a course that’s going to be fruitful in the long run, Succeed came up with this course – Strategy & planning in Digital Marketing. Thanks to the faculties who are enriching our knowledge and are always there to help even out of the classroom. Recreational activities & refreshments in between, get our spirits high. This course is really helpful I must say. I only wish that there were more case studies to learn from. But I will definitely recommend the Strategy course.

Shreeya Ghosh

Student, Strategy and Planning Course

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