Infographcis on digital marketing are awesome… right?

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That’s why we put together our own giant list of infographics with a common theme – digital marketing. Now, most of these infographics will be based on the digital marketing industry in India. However, there will be a few that transcend all borders.

The best part?

As our industry keeps evolving, this post will too! In other words, we’ll keep improving and expanding this post as frequently as we can. So, make sure you bookmark this page and keep revisiting it from time to time for new developments.


#1: The Number of Social Media Accounts Globally

Social media is where everyone is at these days. If you want to market or advertise, one of the fundamental rules is to be where your audience is already.

Years ago, everyone watched Prime Time TV. Now, people just use YouTube. Or Facebook Watch. Or Netflix. Or Amazon Prime. You get the gist…


#2: Digital Is the New Black

Branding as evolved over the ages – moving from clever ways to use posters and leaflets to billboards to TV ads, and now to digital platforms. Just take a look at Spotify Ads or Zee Ads. We’re not just restricted to Search and Social Ads anymore.

#3: Everyone Wants In – All In

Even small businesses know by now that digital marketing can really be a big game-changer for them. Every year, the number of businesses investing in online ads keeps on increasing.

#4: The Digital Acche Din

There’s no telling if any politician will ever be able to send crores of money into our bank account. But the fact is that the Digital Advertising industry in India is about to hit Rs. 20,000 crores in valuation!

#5: Buyer, Buyer On the Wall, Who Do I Trust Above Them All?

No one wants to be sold to. Absolutely everyone hates ads. That’s why most consumers invest a far amount of time in researching brands online before making a purchase decision.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap from our side. As we said, we’ll keep updating this from time to time. So, stay in touch.

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